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We encourage parents to take advantage of these lessons!  These lessons are broken down like this:

Each video lesson is 20(ish) minutes.  These lessons are graciously provided by, and are AMAZING!  In addition, we've provided small group discussion material for Kid's Church, and Activity sheets for the Pre-K.  

We encourage parents to watch the lessons with your kids, and talk through the provided small group material with your kids!

We believe that this is a great time to invest in your kids, and who better to invest spiritually into them than their parents!

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Each wednesday at 9am, we're uploading a Next Kids Lesson both here and on facebook!  


Pre-K: Abrahams Big Test (Week 4)

K-6: worship (week 4)


Pre-K: Abrahams big test (week 5)

K-6: spiritual disciplines (week 4)


Pre-K: abrahams big test (week 6)

K-6: Grow up (week 2)